nifty nights


Culled from live recordings made at the gigs between August 2005 and December 2009, this upcoming release features Nifty Eagu & the Glo-Pilots, Vorderman, The Space Parade, Contra Las Aras, Jason & The Astronauts, The Flavonoids, Vanishing Point(s), How Soon? Sweet Achilles, Skinbat Scramble, Rachel's Got A Flamethrower, Brutai, The Old Dolphin Brigade, The Evil Frogs, Brad Scott and possibly others yet to be recorded. Available soon, from the vaults... this is a celebration the 10th Anniversary of the first ever Nifty Night (Departure One). All recordings were made at The Forum, Tunbridge Wells.

Here's an as-yet unmixed, unmastered sample of what might be on offer - Skinbat Scramble,
from 24 May 2009, with "Going To Work At Midnight"